Pinua Mariñela

We have a big pleasure to present a short DIY surfing video here onsite. This is the story about a pinecone from outer space that landed on earth. They sail all the way from the pacifique north west to the Basque Country, through perils, high seas, and storms, the crossing tragically culminates in the mouth of Lee-Ann & Hanna’s favourite Icelandic friend, Bowie.

Pinua Mariñela is about the inherent odyssey while trying to find the magic sandbar. You never really know if it is time to go home, or to have an exhilarating interlude in Morocco.

“Pinua Mariñela” means “Pinecone Sailor” in Basque

Finding the magic sandbar takes time, and it takes midnight moonset choreography, but ultimately it was about making something amusing and arbitrary together.

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