Forever Time

It’s a big honour for us to present FOREVER TIME — a love story about doubts, change and time. Written and directed by our dear friend João Carmo, starring Miguel Kilford.

The film follows Miguel through his experiences in Nicaragua, as he immerses himself in the local culture. The film taps into change, perception of time and spirituality.

Slowdown, time will last. How are you? What do you fear? Ask yours. And our relations to time may seamlessly become more blissful.

Written and directed by João Carmo.
Surfer: Miguel Kilford.
Produced by Miguel Kilford in association with O’Neil.
Edited by João Carmo.
Voiced by Miguel Kilford & Mariza & William.
Filmed by João Carmo.
Water cinematography: Bruno Dias with support from Deflow & JJS.

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